Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How does FindnearU App operate?

FindnearU app is a platform which helps in meeting service receiver and service provider. You can post your requirements in the app and expert service provider will contact you and you can negotiate, make deal and get your work done.

2.) Where FindnearU app services are available?

FindnearU app is available in India and every citizen can take the benefits of it.

3.) Is any subscription fee charged in FindnearU App?

FindnearU App is completely free and there is no amount charged for post requests and using the app.

4.) Who can join FindnearU app?

Every citizen of India can join the FindnearU app. He can post his task’s requirements and look for the expert service provider from neighborhood and get his task completed

5.) I post for service request, can I provide service to any other as well?

Yes you can. You can use the app both side. You can post your task there and you can provide services to others as well and earn the income.

6.) Does FindnearU charge any commission on the money I earned through it?

No, this is a platform where service receiver and service provider meet, negotiate and finalize the amount. Amount is paid offline and FindnearU is not responsible for any transaction and don’t charge any commission on that.

7.) Are service providers experts and reliable?

Yes, we make sure to have expert service providers on board, but we ask our service receivers to check their skills as well before assigning any task.

8.) I am a good service provider, how can I earn more?

Once, you accept any task and complete it, request service receiver to provide you good ranking. Higher ranking provides you better chances for getting more work and make your profile more reliable.

9.) How can I download the FindnearU app?

FindnearU App is available in Google Play app store, and can be downloaded and installed onto your device from there.

Or, you can download it directly from our following web url-

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